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Unit responsible: professional Health professional


Professional health is the science and technology of work – related illnesses and the improvement ofthe health of working people by controlling the occupational hazards of the workplace.

Professional health is one of the most valuable assets of individuals is communities and countries which considers not only the health of workers as an important strategy but  also has significant positive impact on the productivity and quality of products job motivation , Job satisfaction , and the quality of life of the community .

Professional health is defined by the word Health organizations international labor organization

-          Promote and maintain the highest degree of physical ,mental and social health of workers in all occupation.

-          Caring for workers whose health  is at risk from working conditions.

-          Caring for employees whose harmful factors threaten their health at work .

In august of 1325, the ministry of Labor and social affairs formed a temporary law and in 1337 , the law was approved by means of amendments as a labor law

By the enactment of the labor Act in 1369, the provisions of article 85 and Note 1 of article 96 of the labor code , the ministry of health and Medical education , from the stage of developing requirements for   occupational health and prevention of work-related illnesses up to the planning , assessment and inspection levels in the field  of labor health and treatment of  worker is required to take appropriate action occupational health in hospital has also started its activity since 1389, and since 1390 with the onset of accreditation , it has officially begun as a separate unit

The professional health unit of Dr. Mir hospital is aimed at providing , maintaining and enhancing the safety and health of the staff and setting up validation scales and working with an expert .



1-      Establishment of the committee  for technical and health protection of work and drafting issues and problems in committee meetings

2-      Follow up on matters raised at the committee for technical protection and health.

3-      Preparation and development of hospital health policies

4-      Preparation and development of the operational plan in cooperation with the members and its implementation according to the timetable

5-      Preparation and preparation of emergency response preparedness and management guidelines

6-      Risk assessment  in occupations in the hospital unit

7-      Identify the occupations in the hospital and the number of personnel in each job , based on exposure to occupational hazards

8-      Daily visits to the departments .preparation of the report and completion of the relevant checklist and notification of all defects and defects of protection and  sanitation and provide suggestions for their removal and follow up

9-      Identification of workplace harmful factors.

Tracking their measurement and providing control measures

a-      physical hazards

b-      chemical hazards

c-       biological hazards

d-      Ergonomic psychosocial  Risks and organization factors


10-   Monitor how to measure harmful factors based on predetermined goals in accordance with principles and conditions of measurement

11-   Provide safety information sheets for chemical s used in different departments and training them to exposed personnel

12-   Labeling chemicals and monitoring the proper classification of chemical solutions

13-   Supervising the provision and proper use of personal protective equipment appropriate to each department of the hospital as well as the installation of health and safety posters at the workplace

14-   Prepare draft instructions for conducting pre- recruitment  and periodic examinations  for available jobs and to prepare a specific test table by gob type

15-   Supervising medical examinations before recruiting and periodically based on instructions and personnel medical records

16-   Announcing suspicious cuses of occupational diseases through the hospital director and relevant centers.

17-   Providing safety instruction for equipment, building, transport equipment.

18-   Record accident statistics in different parts of hospital, follow up and provide solutions to prevent similar cases.

19-   Continuous cooperation in quality management system, clinical governance, accreditation and other related issues.

20-   Developing and developing staff training needs in the field of occupational health.

21-   Updating information and awareness of the staff of the professional health unit and raising the level of awareness of the staff of this unit through participation in training course.

22-   Participate in all training and retraining sessions, conferences and meeting of specialized committees.

23-   Documenting health measures and follows ups in the hospital.

24-   Send a copy of all the actions taken and result of measuring the harmful factors of the work environment to the health department

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