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Maternity block is located on the third floor of the hospital

The scientific officer of this department is Dr. Alireza javedan (obster trician) and head nurse of Ms. Bahadoor a midwifery expert.

The maternity ward has six public beds, with private rooms for the delivery of pregnant mothers for normal delivery, cesarean section and prenatal care, checking of fetal heart rate and CNS, as well as curettage and repair surgery

Women`s health, especially pregnant women has always been a concern for health care professionals

Pregnant woman, on the one hand are at the high risk for pregnancy, such as decolorism  perrcalmpsia , and eclamppurpose , sia : on the other hand the pregnant mother has an  embryo in the womb , whose health is also subject to many potential dangers. For this purpose, the delivery block of Dr. Mir Hospital has put the following measures in place with the help of experienced physicians caring the staff, using modern medical equipment.

Primary examination of all non – childbirth and delivery clients, diagnosis of cases leading to delivery, emergency cases and hospitalized indication .

  • Examination and preparation of patients with the diagnosis of incomplete or forgotten abortion , ETC  for transfer to the  operating room conducting pregnancy termination measures in the IUFD cases as directed by the doctor
  • Provincial certificate before the discharge , up to 14 days after delivery , except for 11 to 413 days with delivery or national card will be delivered to one of the parents
  • Meanwhile , from the birth of the baby until  the parent`s   visit to the registration office , only 15 days are allowed to receive birth certificate
  • During this period , you will have to wait until the end of the month and you will receive the following information
  • Perform photo and video services
  • Controlling and administering delivery of natural  labor as prescribed by the physician until the end  of labor as prescribed by the physician until the end of labor and at least two hours after delivery
  • Acceptance and preparation of cesarean section clients and care for them until the operating room is selected
  • The presence of the midwife in the operating room to determine the grade of  Apgar score and the primary care of the baby , initial location and contact of the skin to the mother`s and baby`s skin .
  • Supervising high – risk pregnant mothers and taking the necessary care according to the doctor`s order.
  • Taking classes approved by the deputy of treatment to promote the knowledge of physician `s and midwives
  • Deploying midwives to attend seminars  and classes outside the hospital
  • Assignment for documents and the feelings of mother who succeeded in delivering natural and safe births , with the specific literature of each mother
  • Use of all analgesic and non- pharmacological methods to reduce labor pain


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