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Unit responsible:

Nutrition is an important factor in preventing and preventing disease progression. special attention is paid to all of the word`s advanced healthcare systems today in this way ,it helps to reduce  the complications and the duration of the  disease ,reduce hospitalization time , reduce medical expenses , increase the quality of health care , increase patient satisfaction and ultimately , promote community health if the nutrition department , as one of the pillars of patients health in the hospitals , has been overlooked or has a diminished role in the treatment process , is not only a source of patient dissatisfaction , which disrupts the treatment process. One of the main goals of the nutrition department is providing nutritional services for patients.

The hospital`s nutrition unit was divided into two areas : nutrition management and nutrition counseling and treatment regimen under the supervision of the hospital director and serves in coordination with related departments including nursing, services , accreditation , etc…..

In this unit, hospital food services and nutritional care for patients are planned in a planned manner.

The function and activity of this unit is directly related to the satisfaction of patients and staff at the center.


Department of legal services

An important issue in managing food services is the coordination between the food services unit and the treatment team.

The director of food services, responding to the transfer of food to the department, is a critical point. the main responsibilities of nutrition expert in the management of hospital food services are based on the description of the services provided in the regulations establishment of hospitals is the supervision of all food processes from purchase to consumption .budget constraints also from the basis of food service concerns it is imperative that nutritional management members of other food service managers plan to make food quality tailored to budget constraints.


Nutrition consultation and Diet therapy


Expert nutrition, counseling, and treatment regimen for patients in hospital and inpatient clinic . according to the doctor`s request for the necessity of conducting nutrition counseling for patients, after informing the expert and assessing the patient`s condition, by completing the nutrition assessment from, a nutrition counselor will be provided if necessary for nutritional intervention


Other nutrition unit activities

  • Preparing and developing a nutrition unit`s operational plan , designing a food list and selecting food products based on patient1s therapeutic  needs  
  • Preparation and adjustment of diet
  • Plan for patients and staff in accordance with the principles of nutrition and health
  • Conducting continuing continuing education course related to clinical nutrition
  • Controlling and supervising the various stage of the post – natal food service process , such as purchased foods, storage , preparation cooking , preparing food , distributing food and snacks
  • Direct monitoring of distribution of food and snacks and tracking downs and bottle necks
  • Preparing Educational Borchures for nutrition in disease and providing it to patient s and companions at the time of admission and discharge

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