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(Abstract of the patient `s Rights charter in Iran)

1-Getting the optimal health care is right for the patient

The provision of health services should be:

-worthy of human dignity and respect for values , beliefs are free of any  discrimination such as ethnic cultural –religious and gender based discrimination

-in the fastest possible time and with respect to the time of sickness

-in urgent and urgent care (emergency) rendring services regardless of its cost in non-urgent cases, it is determined on the basis of the criteria

-in urgent and urgent care (emergency)if the provision of appropriate services is not possible it is necessary after the provision of essential services and necessary explantions for the transfer of the patient of the patient to the equipped unit

2- Information should be provided to the patient in an appropriate and sufficient wanner information content should include:

-provide essential training for continuing treatment

-information should be provided at the appropriate time and accordance with the patient`s conditions including pain anxiety and individual characteristics including the language of education

-the patient can access all the information in his clinical file receive the image and request correction of the errors contained there in

- Predictable standards and costs, including health and non – medical insurance of supportive system at the time of admission

3- The right to choose and decide freely on the health of the patient should be resected

The range of choices and terms of dicision are as follows:

-          Choosing health care providers and  health care providers in frame work of the criteria

-choosing and consulting from a second doctor as an adviser

-after providing the necessary information give the patient enough time to decide and choose

4- The provision of health services should be based on respect for the privacy of the patient (right to privacy) and respect for the principle of secrecy

-the observance of the secret principle of all information relating to illness is mandatory unless otherwise provided by low

-in all stage of care, including diagnosis and treatment, the privacy of the patient should be respected and all necessary facilities ti ensure privacy

-only the patient in the group, treatment of authorized persons from the patient an those who are permitted by low can access the file information

-the patient has the right to have his or her trusted person at all stages of diagnosis

5- Access to an effective system for dealing with patients complaint

-every patient has the right to sue the competent authorities without claiming to violate his or her rights under the present charter without interfering with quality of receiving health services

-patients have the right to be informed about the treatment and outcome of their complaints

-the damage caused by the failure of the health services provider must be remedied as soon as possible after hearing and proof of compliance

Dear visitor:

Full instructions for service recipients at all nursing station department, there is also a hospital website for study

-if you have any questions regarding the compliance of the recipients of the service you can refer to the responsible hospital responsible for the time and place

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