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Unit responsible: Environmental health Expert Hospital Health Environment unit

The health of Environment is one of the units of the hospital whose purpose and mission in line with other health facility for hospital care services, that hospital treatment or health care always leads to the best results for patients.

Hospital environment health is in addition to monitoring and cooperating in  order to further hygiene conditions within the hospital to organize hospital health condition in cooperation with all units and authorities in order to address the problems and risks associated with hospital waste disposal and sewage problems and the environment and people will be minimized.

The hospitals environmental unit ,with the help of a single environmental expert in all office hours and, if necessary at all non- administrative hours , according to the existing conditions and the numerous hospital and hospital construction problems has always been trying to improve the health conditions of the hospital of the minimum conditions.


Environmental  health unit indicators

-          Management of hospital waste ( separation collection , transportation and disposal)

-          Type and method of disinfecting and disinfecting agent

-          Health assessment of hospital water

*How to clean and disinfect the hospital equipment surfaces.

Tasks of the expert on the health of the hospital environment .

1-      Identifying , categorizing and determining the priorities and needs of the hospitals environmental  health.

2-      Study research on the health of the hospital environment .

3-      Selection and proposal of new applied methods for quantitative and qualitative improvement of the health of the hospital environment.

4-      Implement and follow up and supervise the application of the provisions of the regulations and instructions communicated in the field of tasks and approval of the relevant contractor .

5-      Establishment and participation in conferences workshops, meeting, scientific committees specialized and executive agencies of environmental health and hospital infection control and follow up of its approvals in the field of duties.

6-      Conduct  regular daily visits and health monitoring , as needed , from all parts of the hospital

7-      Supervision and control over the separation collection ,transportation and disposal of solid waste

8-      Tracking and monitoring the implementation of pollution control and noise control programs inside and around the hospital , in partnership  with relevant units

9-      Monitor and follow up on ongoing programs and wash the various parts of the hospital and disinfect them according to the guidelines.

10-   Monitoring and sanitary control of water and sewage systems.

11-   Supervision and control over the heating cooling, ventilation and five fighting system of the building.

12-   Follow up on the environmental health issues through the relevant stakeholders.

13-    Planning and overseeing the improvement of the hospital environment.

14-   Monitoring the control of insects and rodents and pets by taking into account the health and environmental conditions.

15-   Supervising employee’s health control issues (obtaining health cards and recording results in health records of people in kitchen areas, juicy home, laundry services.

16-   Supervision of environment al health centers radiation and health control of radiation workers according to the terms and conditions.

17-   Provide environmental health problems reports to hospital authorities and follow up on deficiencies.

18-   Participation in the planning and implementation of health education programs in the field of hospital environment health for employees patients, clients.

19-   Supervise and monitor environmental health issues around the hospital in coordination with the regional health centers.

20-   Collection, adjustment, categorization and analysis of the statistical information required for the health of the various parts of the hospital.

21-   Documenting activities and arranging reports and submitting to relevant authorities.

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